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SALLY ANN GRAY Dip Hyp., Dip RTh., Dip. Med. Teacher, HBCE, Dip. Numerology. AIN

Esoteric Numerologist and Soul Path Reader

Past Life Exploration

Future Life Progression

Life-Between-Lives Exploration

I am a qualified practitioner in past-life regression therapy. I am also a spiritual regression therapist, with a diploma in Regression Therapy (Dip.Rth), a diploma in Hypnotherapy (Dip.Hyp) and a diploma in Teaching Meditation (Dip.Med.Teacher). I have also trained as a HypnoBirthing Certified Educator (HBCE) as it is important to me to understand the energy of how we enter this world, as well as understanding what happens when we leave it – and beyond. The cycle of birth, life and life-after-life.

I am a member of the European Association of Regression Therapists and a member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.

Being aware that energy works in cycles, I wanted to get a deeper understanding of how these cycles work, so I completed my training with a diploma in Esoteric Numerology (Dip.Numerology.AIN) from the Association Internationale De Numerologues, as the numbers in our own personal blueprint represent the cycles that we (and everything around us) vibrate at.

I have always been comfortable with the knowledge that we are ‘energetic’ beings inter-connected with each other and the rest of the universe through many dimensions. As an intuitive child I was always aware of the spirit world and came into this world remembering some of my past lives. I read the soul path through tarot cards and work alongside various Spirit Guides who offer assistance in exploring different aspects of the challenges we choose to accept in this life. Along the way I studied mediumship, training with Tony Stockwell’s Studio in Essex, The College of Psychic Studies in London and The Arthur Findlay College at Stanstead. Throughout my many years of training I have been aware not only of the guidance, but also of the amazing love and boundless energy from the Spirit Guides, both mine and my clients’.

I teach at various classes and workshops: Intuition & Awareness, Learning to Meditate, Past Life and
Life-Between- Life Regression. Meeting Your Guides. Understanding Your Blueprint.

I am also available for one-to-one readings, For further information please visit the THERAPIES page.

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