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Healing with Current and Past Life Regression Therapy

Unresolved issues from the past can be buried deep within our subconscious and these can affect our every day lives. Current and Past Life Regression Therapy involves finding and resolving these issues at their source and releasing the energy blocks in our physical, emotional and mental body, in order to give us freedom from unexplained physical pain, a happier emotional outlook and greater peace of mind.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
–Henry David Thoreau

Regression Therapy can also look at the source of a core belief in the client’s subconscious mind which may be limiting their success in this life.

A few examples of this are self esteem, relationship problems, addictions, reccuring nightmares, or a phobic reaction, such as a fear of entering the water which cannot be explained by any present life experience. You may have an unexplained pain that you have to learn to live with, such as a constant neck pain or a limb pain that doctors cannot find the root cause of. Maybe you have a limiting core belief that “anyone I love will always abandon me” or “I’m worthless, I can’t do anything right” which can blight a potentially happy relationship, or even stop you attaining a long term relationship.

Getting to the source of a problem, does not require the client to have a belief in past lives, as it is the subconscious mind, which takes the client to the source of the presenting problem.

Regression Therapy uses various techniques to access the subconscious mind such as hypnosis, instructing the subconscious mind to take us to the source of the presenting problem, allowing the issues that relate to the energy blocks to come to the surface.

Healing with Regression Therapy takes place in safe and structured sessions of 1.5 – 2 hours long,  usually over 2-3 sessions, agreed in advance.  Every client is different,  so please feel free to discuss your case with me, in complete confidentiality.

“I saw the angel in the marble
and carved until I set him free.”

Past Life Regression Journey & Explore

Past Life Regression is the key to unlocking our oldest memories. Have you ever asked yourself:

‘Have I lived before?’

‘Have I met this person before?’

‘Why do I feel I know this place?’

With Past Life Regression you can discover the answers for yourself. You will receive a deeper understanding of who you really are and what makes you ‘tick’, much more than you could ever have imagined.

Enjoy up to 2 hours exploring one or more of your past lives and discover part of your soul’s history.

Take home a CD of the session. Please feel free to contact me for more details.

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”
–Leonardo da Vinci

Future Life Progression – Journey & Explore

Future Life Progression can be described as using deep relaxation techniques and guided imagery to access images and impressions of your future self both in your current lifetime and future lifetimes. This can be most helpful when making life-style or career decisions.

Usually one session is sufficient.

Take home a CD of the session to refer to later.

“To unpathed waters, undreamed shores”.
–William Shakepeare

Current Life Regression Therapy – Inner Child Therapy

Current Life Regression & Inner Child Therapy involves revisiting earlier memories and experiences, which affect our emotions and influences us and our well being in our everyday life.

Current Life Regression & Inner Child Therapy allows a new perspective to be gained, on emotional and relationship issues from earlier in our life, enabling resolution of long standing issues. We then feel better emotionally and mentally. This has a beneficial effect all round, so we become happier, more relaxed and balanced and able to take on the challenges of our everyday life free from past emotional pain.

“You are not the child of the people you call mother and father, but their fellow adventurer on a bright journey to understand the things that are.”
–Richard Bach-author of ‘Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’


‘Life-Between-Lives’ uses deep hypnosis to guide a client beyond a past life and into what appears to be soul memories between lives. This has been progressively developed since the late 1960’s by a number of professional psychologists and psychiatrists, the most prominent being Michael Newton.

Following a past-life death, clients often talk about being welcomed by deceased friends or family and receiving healing to shed the denser emotions and energies associated with the physical world to allow them to re-enter the higher frequency vibrations of the spirit realm. Spirit Guides and Teachers review the past life. The only judgement in this review comes from the client’s soul. Also, a client’s soul group may be encountered. These are souls working closely over many lives. Reuniting with them is often described as profoundly moving and being ‘home’.

At some point the client may meet spirits of light that have attained a level of experience and wisdom that does not require physical reincarnation. They review the progress of the soul. Done with love, compassion and the participation of the soul, it leads to the next physical incarnation having a purpose.

Spiritual and Therapeutic Benefits

‘Life-Between-Lives’ therapists help a client to understand their soul purpose for this life and as a result, to make major life decisions and to help in coping with the pressures of modern life. It also provides the most accurate picture yet obtained of what happens after death. The regressions can last up to four hours and the main events have now been confirmed by thousands of consistent reports. A recording of your session is made for you to take home.

“What you seek is seeking you.”
— Rumi


Hypnosis helps with many issues some of which include:

Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Depression and Sadness, Phobias, Anger, Fear of Flying, Stress, Anxiety, Lack of Confidence, Sports Performance, Sleep Problems, Panic Attacks, IBS, Driving test and Exam nerves, Career Guidance, Pain, Relationship Issues, Grief and Bereavement.

Hypnosis is natural and completely safe. While some results may come in the first session, it may take several sessions depending upon how deep the pain and your ability to open yourself to the process and to the therapist. As long as you are able to trust your Hypnotherapist and your desire is in agreement with your deepest self, you will see results. There is great healing available from within yourself, we all have it. You can access it yourself through meditation. A good hypnotherapist is simply a vehicle to open this access to your highest self. Please feel free to contact and talk this through with me if you think hypnosis may be of help to you.

What is Hypnosis? What is true and what is not true? And how does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is a state of being, where our awareness is changed from consciously focusing outwards at the world and every day life, to focusing inwards. In a quiet environment where we are able to be still and relax, our inner thoughts and inner feelings can be the centre of our attention. The client remains awake the whole time, whilst the conscious mind is encouraged to rest. Our subconscious thoughts are brought to the fore, by gentle suggestions given by the therapist. These suggestions may be in the form of visualisations enabling the client to explore the subconscious. This is very similar to meditation. The only difference being that with meditation it is the journey that is of importance and with hypnosis there is a clear (client/therapist) agreed objective. An example of this could be a meditational visualisation to a wonderful tropical beach scene in order to encourage relaxation, could be the same words as a hypnotic tropical beach scene visualisation which will include suggestions to the subconscious mind to release the stress and enhance the opportunity to learn relaxation. The client must trust the therapist in order to allow him or herself to enter this altered state of awareness, as relaxing into it is the key.

There is no possibility of the therapist ‘taking over’ the client’s mind. It is the client that controls their own state of awareness at all times. There is a great misconception to hypnosis that the client will be unaware of what is going on. This is absolutely not true as it is exactly the same as when we are engrossed in a book or film and somebody calls for us. We can answer the other person without withdrawing our focus and feelings from our book or film. So, hypnosis is focused concentration. It is a natural state we go in and out of several times a day and during therapy we can use hypnosis as a tool to access our subconscious mind and change negative patterns into positive patterns of behaviour, enabling self empowerment and continuous personal growth.

What is a Hypnotherapist?

A hypnotherapist is a therapist who uses hypnosis as a primary tool for assisting clients to achieve their goals by increasing motivation or altering behavior patterns. A hypnotherapist will always consult with the client to determine the nature of a problem and then prepares the client to enter a hypnotic state by explaining how hypnosis works and what the client will experience. The client and therapist work together towards the client’s agreed objective. The client’s welfare and comfort is always of primary importance to the therapist.

My Therapy Room

Soul Energy Retrieval and Energy Clearance

Soul Retrieval and Energy Clearance is the return of consciousness and balancing and harmonizing the body energy. Trauma and upset causes not just physical pain but affects us emotionally and mentally. Often we experience a loss of our vital energy. In order to bring about healing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies, it is important to remove all polluted unwanted negative energy and restore the etheric and physical body balance by retrieving and integrating our source energy.  Returning fragmented aspects affects all areas of an individual’s life bringing back bodily strength and balancing energetic flow, in order that healing can take place. Soul Retrieval is dedicated to the releasing of pain and the healing and integration of the whole person.

Soul Energy Retrieval and Energy Clearance – 1 hour session

Soul Path Reading using the Tarot Deck

I use the tarot cards to give Soul Path Readings and work with my guides, alongside my client’s guides who offer assistance in exploring different aspects of the challenges we choose to accept in this life.  You will become aware of repeating patterns in your life. Energy blocks that may have affected you. This enables you power to change. You will see how the Universal Energies can work  for you as you make positive change – and grow towards a greater understanding of your choices in this life.

This is an interactive hour, where you can ask as many questions about your life as you feel necessary. The entire session is recorded onto a CD for you to take with you and listen to later.

Soul Path Reading – 1 hour session and includes a CD of the session.

I am also available on Skype for Private Readings, for Spiritual advise and Soul Path Tarot readings.

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